Why cleaning your house after a fire ?

Domestic fires are frequent in France : 300,000 cases were concerned in 2021. They are triggered in part by non-standard electrical fittings, objects near a gas hob, unlit candles and many other reasons. These cause a lot of damage in house. Therefore, O-Service intervenes in this specific type of situation in order to completely clean your house. So, why cleaning your house after a fire ?

Regaining a flourishing atmosphere 

After a traumatic event such as a fire, cleaning your home properly will help you to feel good again. Indeed, it has been proven that « cleaning » has a positive effect on a psychological level. Therefore, it will help you to soothe your trauma and erase bad memories more quickly. 

Remove smelly odors 

The smell of smoke is known to be persistent after a fire. Living in a place with the permanent presence of this odor can be harmful to your health and affect your comfort. That is what you need to get rid of it ! 

Tips : it is advisable to buy home fragrances or scented candles to help remove the bad odors… This will also make you feel better with a cleaner atmosphere. 

Avoiding further damage 

If you don’t get around to cleaning your home quickly after a post-fire incident, it could get even worse. On the one hand, black marks on the walls, for example, may no longer be able to be removed if cleaning with special products is not carried out quickly. On the other hand, objects that could be saved must be taken care of to avoid their final destruction. 

Here our article of why cleaning your house after a fire ? Do you feel able to do everything yourself ? If not, don’t hesitate to call a cleaning company. Professionals as O-Service will help you perfectly in this task. We are present in Bordeaux and throughout France. 

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