The role of cleaning companies

Cleaning your home is a daily task. Although is it essential to remove foreign pollution and excess dust that can create acarids, it is a complicated task. You have to think of everything ! Cleaning windows, mattresses, floors, toilets… This is why cleaning companies are at your disposal to help you make your home a real silky and clean cocoon. Our company O-Service works for both professionals and private individuals in the Bordeaux area and throughout France. In this article, we are going to explain the role of cleaning companies.

Supporting you

The main objectives of the cleaning companies will be to support you as much as possible on tasks such as : cleaning the floor, sanitary sterilization (especially in a context of Covid), cleaning windows, taking care of green spaces and many other missions. Definitely, any kind of cleaning-related performance will be tailor-made, according to your request. 

For what type of person ? 

Whether professionals or private individuals, cleaning companies take on any case ! Some examples : private homes, offices, pharmacies, shopping centers… 

Targeting the customer’s expectations 

Before starting a cleaning process, it is essential that the customer’s expectations are clearly understood by the contractor in order to best meet their needs. Indeed, if a professional or a private individual contacts a cleaning company, it is because there is an objective behind it. For a company, for example, to improve the conditions in which its employees work. And for a private individual, to have better living comfort. Therefore, it is important that the customer’s expectations are met in order to increase their level of satisfaction and to encourage them to call on the company’s services again for its reliability. 

« Products that you won’t find elsewhere »

These companies use products that you won’t find elsewhere, which are very specific and expensive. So you can’t beat them in terms of cleanliness. In some cases, such as for domestic fires, the use of dangerous products is mandatory and the use is only done by professionals. 

Here is our presentation of the role of cleaning companies. You can find all these services within our O-Service company. We will be able to answer all you specific requests, seriously. Reminder : we work with professionals and private individuals in the Bordeaux area but also throughout France.

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