What are the health risks of irregular cleaning ?

The cleaning of any structure, whether it is a house, an office or a shopping center, is necessary and must be done every day. Therefore, if it is not done, we expose ourselves to some inconveniences. Our company O-Service is the specialist in this field. We are at your disposal in Bordeaux but also everywhere in France in order to answer all your specific requests. So, what are the health risks of irregular cleaning ? 

Dust, a scourge ? 

Dust is formed from external pollution brought into the home but also from dead human skin, hair, textiles, etc… If it accumulates, it can be extremely harmful to health, causing numerous effets : 

  • Respiratory problems 
  • Risks of allergies 
  • Toxic risks for the body 
  • Nasal disorders 
  • Carcinogenic fallout 

Awareness campaigns 

Real awareness campaigns have been set up by the State in order to encourage individuals and professionals alike to clean regularly and consequently to chase away the dust. The aim is to reduce the health problems associated with this, which are increasing over the years. In addition, they help to preserve the environment in which a person lives or works. 

Practical advice 

In order to avoid being affected by these different effects, it is advisable to dust at least once a week : vacuuming, sweeping, and don’t forget to go into uncomfortable areas such as behind furniture, under the sofa… 

Equipment to have 

To carry out a quality dusting, make sure you have :

Here are the health risks of irregular cleaning. If our practical advice is not enough for you, contact our O-Service company. We work in the Bordeaux area and throughout France in this field. So, with us, you will never be exposed to these risks ! 

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