Removing pet hair from sofas

Our pets are cute… but having one is an extra cleaning task on a daily basis. Whether it’s a dog, a cat or something else, they all shed their hair at one time or another. They infiltrate our sofas and removing them is a very complex task. Our company O-Service intervenes in this kind of situation. We are present in the Bordeaux area and throughout France. In this article, we will give you advice on how to removing pet hair from sofas. 

The hoover, your best friend 

As well as being the simplest method, is it the most effective. Take your hoover and run it though every corner of your sofa to remove all the hair. Don’t forget to use all the hoover gadgets provided for this purpose in order to put all the chances on your side and not to leave any visible hairs… 

The magic of adhesive brushes 

This method works for regular cleaning of your sofa. Indeed, the sticker of the adhesive brush attracts all the hairs on your path… However, if the quantity of hairs is too high, choose another method. The time it will take to remove all the hairs will be too long, you will quickly get tired and in this sense, neglect the task at hand. 

Tights, an ecological method 

Didn’t think of that ? Take your tights with holes in them and throw them away ! Indeed, this method gives very satisfactory results. Put the tights on your arm and rub your sofa with them. The material makes it a good adhesive tape to Cath any hair that is present. Ecological and effective !

Here are our different techniques to remove pet hair. To help you in this task, our company O-Service is present in the Bordeaux area and everywhere in France. So don’t wait and contact us ! 

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