“Spring Cleaning” : origin, meaning and advices

A ray of sunshine in the spring season and it’s time for spring cleaning ! Once a year, with the arrival of the warm weather, we want to have a brand new, bright environment. This means the end of the bad days and the winter clothes in the wardrobe. Our company O-Service, intervenes in this context to help you in your cleaning. We are present in the Bordeaux area but also throughout France. In this article, we will learn more about spring cleaning : origin, meaning and advices. 


The expression « spring cleaning » has it origin in the agricultural world. At that time, it referred to the period during which the warehouses had to cleaned to make room for the new crops. Over the years, this practice has continued in homes, especially those with a stove or fireplace. The end of the winter season was the time to clean the house to remove the soot. 


Spring cleaning therefore refers to the thorough cleaning of houses. It also means tidying up. In addition, the aim is to create a healthy, pleasant environment and to start again on a good basis, both psychologically and technically, with the arrival of the good weather. Therefore, it is essential to be well organized in order to carry out a good clean. 


Here are a few tips on how to get you cleaning organized : 

  • Start with the kitchen and all its utensils : a lot of dirt accumulates from cooking…
  • Continue with the living room, dusting carefully : under the sofas, on the various pieces of furniture…
  • Move on the bathroom by specifically cleaning your shower or bathtub, the basins in order to remove hair…
  • Finish with the bedrooms to remove acarids and put away all your clothes 

We hope that this article has taught you more about « spring cleaning : origin, meaning and advices ». Don’t forget that our company O-Service remains at your disposal to help you with this task. We work in the Bordeaux area and throughout France. 

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