Tips for cleaning windows pane

Handprints, animal prints, bird droppings, raindrops… are the enemies of windows pane. Regular cleaning is therefore necessary in order to remove the numerous traces that give a dirty appearance to the house in general. Our company O-Service intervenes in this context to help you in your cleaning. We are present in the Bordeaux area but also everywhere in France. In this articles, we will give you some tips for cleaning windows pane. 

How to choose your cleaning day 

It is raining ? Postpone your cleaning day, you will exhaust yourself for nothing. After all, raindrops are responsible for streaks on your windows pane. Then, as soon as you’ve finished, you’ll have to start all over again… a never-ending vicious circle. Is the sun shining ? There’s more to do than wash your windows pane, and you’re right ! It is not advisable to clean your windows pane at this time because the heat causes the water to evaporate quickly, creating additional marks. Is the weather grey ? No more excuses, it’s time. With certainty, this weather is ideal to carry out your mission without being exposed to additional traces. 

Choosing your equipment 

To your dismay… forget the paper towel ! It is a source of additional traces and at the same time, it is not an economical or ecological solution. However, we recommend other alternatives : 

  • A microfiber cloth : the different fibers that make it up make it an infallible element for cleaning and drying your glass surfaces. Make sure that your cloths are remarkably clean
  • A squeegee : used particularly by professionals, cleaning your windows will be a real satisfaction with perfect efficiency 
  • Crumpled newspaper : provided that its quality is good, the newspaper method, although surprising, is as old as the world… this technique has proved its worth and is synonymous with a brilliant shine

Go for white vinegar

White vinegar is a must-have in your home… it has magical properties. When it comes to cleaning your glass surfaces, its use is not only environmentally friendly, but also very effective ! You won’t be disappointed. 

How to proceed ? 

  1. Make a vinegar/water mixture 
  2. Spray your windows with this mixture and use a microfiber cloth for cleaning 
  3. Wait for it to dry 
  4. That’s all there is to it : so, dazzled by the shine and cleanliness of your windows ? 

Here are our tips for cleaning your windows. Our company O-Service remains at your disposal yo help you in this task. We are present in the Bordeaux area and throughout France. 

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