How do you get stains out of your sofa ?

Stains are a scourge… food, liquid, one moment’s inattention and it’s all over. We don’t take long to do them, but we take a lot of time trying to get them out. Our company O-Service, present in Bordeaux and everywhere in France can help you in the resolution of this problem. So how do you get stains out of your sofa ? 

White vinegar

White vinegar is the essential product to have at home ! We use it for everything : cleaning the microwave, windows, hotplates… and now to get rid of your persistent stains on your sofa. We give you our tip :

  • Mix water, vinegar and a little washing-up liquid in your container 
  • Take a moistened sponge and rub it over the stains 
  • Don’t forget to dry with a dry cloth 


Be careful, even if this product is effective, it is particularly dangerous. In this respect, it is compulsory to have safety equipment to protect yourself against its effects : mask, gloves… The technique is to mix ammonia and tempered water in a container (with a little washing-up liquid). Then, take a sponge to soak it in the mixture and rub it on the dirty areas. Wait for it to dry. 

Baking soda 

Another solution ? Baking soda and this time you don’t need to mix anything. Pour the powder onto the desired areas. After letting it sit for at least an hour, take your hoover and sweep it over the areas where the baking soda has penetrated. In the end, the color of your sofa will be brighter and the stains will be gone ! 

Here are our tips for : how do you get stains out of your sofa. Don’t forget that our company O-Service intervenes in this context in the Bordeaux area and everywhere in France. 

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